Markus Pesendorfer | 帅马哥
Ideas for China since '02

We are all about memories;
collections of stories.

My passion? I collect memories, impressions, opinions, and emotions.
Inspiration can come from anywhere, but for the majority we walk through life applying our experience as a ruler.
By sharing our stories we can grow together.

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Beach Walks Inspiration
Night Photography 4am, Camera: Lomo, Film: Kodak R-100
Look behind the curtain - work impressions

Controlled purity = luxury.

HongKong Screens
On this sunny day, the colors of the buildings and depth throughout the city came to a beautiful new light.


Porteno Sydney
The best lamb and beef ever! Amazing food, Rockabilly music and a fantastic ambiente. 3 starters and a fine bottle of Malbec at Gardel’s Bar upstairs, then discovered a Pinot Noir, which I believe is the best wine I’ve ever had ...

Bodega [external website]
Lamb brisket bbqed for 8 hours ... only the dessert topped it!

Sydney - what quality of life!

Graphic India